London visit Hipstas

by | October 2019

We spent a few days in London for the launch of the Remembering Lions book. During those days we also visited the Wonderful Things exhibition of Tim Walker in the Victoria and Albert Museum. This exhibition explored the creative process of one of the world’s most inventive photographers, through his pictures, films, photographic sets, and special installations. Walker has been creating signature fairytale scenarios for magazines, such as Vogue since the mid-1990s. To this day he creates storytelling shoots, in which the clothes are just one of many elements. His style has found many followers, to be seen in the many glossy magazines I like to use for my magazine collages.

The pictures below were taken with the Hipstamatic app on my phone. The app uses software filters to make the images look as though they were taken with a vintage film camera. This makes the result quite random and there is no editing after the picture has been taken. For more of my Hipstamatic pictures have a look in the Hipstamatic portfolio or under the Hipstamatic topic.

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