Thank you for the good times!

by | July 2017

The twikga publishing company seized to exist, but while it lasted we did great things! I would like to thank everybody who helped me realize this creative adventure. Thank you all for the hard work and the good times!

My special thanks go to my husband Willem. Not only did you support my publishing ambitions business wise, you also helped me to take the pictures I needed to make my illustrations. For my artwork, I need pictures of landscapes, trees, patterns and animals in all kinds of light, settings and positions. Normally wildlife photographers delete these kind of pictures. We still have discussions about what to keep. When I worked on my first book back in 2007 it was not a given that we would both come to like photography as much as we do now. It is great to be out in the bush together as a team.

Elsbeth, we met shortly after we moved to Hamburg in 2003. You welcomed us with sekt and fresh strawberries. Since then I have learnt to know you as somebody who is social, caring and a bon vivant even if life has not always dealt you the best cards. Thank you so much for your endurance and your patience on our journey together as creative team. Thank you for writing the Tata & Squack books, for going to Africa and Bologna with me and for all your efforts on the marketing side. Although we have had our differences, I would not have been able to do all this without you. I wish you lots of succes with the book you are currently writing!

Last but not least, asante sana for everything you did for us Squack! You are a great safari guide and a very special friend. We first met you on our honeymoon in 1999, when you were guiding out of a lodge in Zimbabwe. Since then we have been on many safaris together and you have taught us a lot about wildlife photography. You helped us to find the right locations to get the pictures I needed for the books. We would not have been able to manage without you. Thank you Squack!


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