Getting my fingers dirty again

by | October 2021

Finally, after 5 years I have my own creative workspace again. Moving countries, building a house, getting settled took time and crowded my head. Maybe the lockdown gave me the peace of mind to unpack the boxes which were still in our cellar. I still do not have the peace of mind or inspiration to create really new things, but for now it is great to just get my fingers dirty again. It was great to rediscover paints and pens. Colorful treasures waiting to be used again.

Urban Jungle

The collages below were not meant to be about corona and being locked up in an urban jungle. But maybe they reflect how I feel about all being confined to our own small world which is slowly starting to open up again. We are starting to plan our first photographic trip to Kenya after two years and four cancellations. So time to dream again about magic light, amazing landscapes and wild animals.

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