Creating Duvel and the 3irds

by | March 2021

The corona lockdown gave me the chance to go through my archives and look back on what I have created during the last 10 years. I realized that I have been making phantasy birds for a long time. Birds are everywhere. You see them in your backyard, they wake you on an early spring morning. That makes them easy to study. They are great to create and tell stories with.

The first time I created a story around the three birds was more than ten years ago. They decorated a birthday card for a very special person in my life who had a tiny white dog. Later I introduced our dog Duvel to his three imaginary bird friends since then Duvel and the 3irds have been up to a lot of mischief together. Curious? Have a look at the stories of The 3irds

Sketchbook birds

Birds can be big, small, ugly, beautiful, funny, scared and scary. To illustrate them you need to study them, even if they will be phantasy birds. How they are “constructed”, their proportions, their silhouettes, how they fly. Then comes the question of technique. How to visualize feathers, textures and coloring in your own creative style. I prefer using collages of drawings, patterns and elements I develop along the way.

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