The 3irds in the Red Chair

by | October 2013

“This is not fair! Normally we are not allowed to come near this chair, now we have to pose in it. Well, whatever, guess Tanja is the boss. She is ok though, leaves us alone when she works on her books. So let’s be nice, smile guys! Well who are we, what shall we say?

We are the 3irds, we team up with Duvel the publisher’s dog, for naughty stuff. My name is Funny bird, I have a big mouth and a lot of┬ánonsense┬áin my head. The big guy here is Big Bird, he prefers to sleep and the tiny guy is a bit scared, he is Little Bird. I must say, the names she gave us are not very creative.

Maybe we should give ourselves some new names? Big Bird, how about Dotty?” Funny Bird, would you please mind your own business! We like our names and I would like to enjoy some quiet time in this nice soft Red Chair…”.

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