Tata&Squack want to STOP the Serengeti Highway

by | September 2012

“Squack, look, am I dreaming, that must be the Serengeti Highway!” “What do you mean, Tata, are they building a highway right through the Serengeti? How are the animals going to migrate? They will die if they do not have enough fresh grass and water.” “Well, yes, but animals do not count as much as people and money. Politicians have been talking about that road for years. They are also discussing a road around the national park, which would be better, because more people live there, who could use the road. I hope this is all a bad dream, let’s try to STOP the Serengeti Highway, while we still can!

For more information join Serengeti Watch or follow STOP THE SERENGETI HIGHWAY on Facebook. 

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