Rebuilding the websites

by | March 2021

We are in the process of redesigning and rebuilding our websites. This has turned out to be quite a challenge. Our Wild Picha website had to be rebuilt because adobe decided to stop the support for the software we used. The twikga website for the publishing company in Hamburg was outdated and I wanted to merge it with my illustration website. The ikga twikga blog had been compromised. So we had four websites with lots of different content, built on different platforms over a period of more than 10 years. My first idea was to pull the plugs and start from scratch. But the problem with that approach is that the internet does not forget. So if you want to keep your content you will have to relink it properly if you do not want to make the mighty Google unhappy.

So think again. How to migrate from html sites with outdated security protocols to WordPress and merge that with a blog which had been hacked in 2016? I am not a programmer, so this gave me some serious headaches. In a way the corona lockdown was a blessing in disguise. With nothing else to do time was not an issue. And in the world of Google and online tutoring help is only a mouse-click away so in the end everything worked out. We hope you like the new design and enjoy the vast amount of content which has come back to life.

Our websites

Wild Picha is the website for photography by Willem and Tanja Dekker. Our travel galleries can be found under the tab Stories. The twikga website belonged to the twikga publishing company which was founded by Tanja Dekker in Hamburg in 2010. In 2016 we decided to move back to Holland and the company ceased to exist. The twikga name now stands for the illustrations of Tanja Dekker and the heritage of the twikga books. The twikga blog can now be found under twikga Stories.

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