Willem in Remembering Rhinos book

November 2017

Willem won Remembering Rhinos contest

We are thrilled that Willem is one of the 10 winning photographers of the Remembering Rhinos photo contest. His winning picture of a desert adapted black rhino appears in the Remembering Rhinos book alongside the pictures donated by world’s top wildlife photographers. The book aims to document this beautiful animal for the world and future generations to see and to draw attention to the plight they are facing right now. Rhinos are endangered because they are poached for their horns which is worth more than its weight in gold due to the misguided belief in its ‘magical’ medicinal properties. All proceeds of the book will be used to protect rhinos in Africa and Asia. Willem took his winning picture in Damaraland, Namibia in 2014.

Exhibition in Galleria Pall Mall

The book is supported by an exhibition, at La Galleria Pall Mall in London from 30th October to 11th November 2017. Showing this unique photographic collection of work with pictures of every species of rhino left on the planet, from the remaining three Northern White rhinos through to the most persecuted, the Southern Whites. As well as the Black, Greater One-Horned (Indian), Javan and Sumatran rhinos.

Launch of the Rhino book

The Remembering Rhinos book launched at the prestigious Royal Geographical Society in London during a special evening about rhino conservation and photography. The event was introduced by Will Travers of the Born Free Foundation. The evening culminated in an auction of some of the images from the book.

Turning wildlife photographer

It was great to see Margot Raggett again. She is the driving force behind the Remembering Wildlife initiatives and also a former PR director turned wildlife photographer. Standing on the brink of moving into the photographic field on a full time basis ourselves, it is quite special that we met Margot years ago on a photographic safari, when we were all still pursuing our studied careers.

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