Acrobatic kingfishers

May 2020

Tireless flying acrobats

In Holland the corona lockdown is somewhat loosened so Willem decided to spend some time in a bird hide taking pictures of the common kingfisher. One of the most beautiful birds resident here. At the moment they are nesting and very busy catching fish for their youngsters in the nest. As there are usually 6-7 hungry chicks to feed this fishing expedition goes on throughout the day. This offers great opportunities to see them going through their fishing routines. Enjoy the pictures and big thanks to Jeroen Stel for all the support during the workshop.

On the perch

The birds spend a lot of time sitting, stalking on a perch and then suddenly dive into the water to catch small fish.

Catch the fish

It is amazing to see these acrobatic birds dive into the water and actually catch the fish.

Feed the hungry

The fish is flown off to feed the offspring in the nest, which is actually a hole in the riverbank.

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