Iconic Kalahari Lions

April 2022

Lions are at the top of the food chain and occur throughout Africa. The lions that inhabit the Kalahari practice exceptional life skills, making them all the more iconic. They are adapted to the extreme climate where the temperatures can fluctuate from sub zero to scorching heat.

The male Kalahari lions are famous for their black manes, have longer legs and large feet. The females have lean physiques designed for endurance. Kalahari lions prey on anything from birds to enormous eland but are sometimes forced to scavenge due to the severity of their living conditions.

Like all lions they depend on the pride for protection and food. Hunting skills are copied from the adults and practiced on siblings. It is great to watch them play-fighting, chasing each other and wrestling as they practice their skills and develop physical strength. Tswalu has two lion prides, who seem to be doing very well. During our previous visits their cubs were still small, now most of them are subadults and some are on the verge of starting a pride of their own.

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