Spooky forest

December 2019

Rain or shine

We are lucky to live on the edge of a forest, so rain or shine, the scenery is often breathtaking. Most of the pictures were taken on dog walks during the dark time of the year, where fog, rain and a little light make all the difference. Patterns and colors appear where you might have never noticed them before.

Dog weather

Having a dog means you need to go out no matter what the weather throws at you. Once you are outside the scenery is often breathtaking. The dog does not seem to care.

Colorful leaves

Bad light brings out the patterns of trees and leaves agains the grey sky. Even dry leaves look colorful on the spooky trees in the fog.  

Amazing light

A dog walk on an early, foggy winter morning, the sun rising in the background. Again light makes all the difference and turns the whole scene into a magic moment.

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