In search of rhinos

July 2018

Photographic rhino safari

A long-standing wish of Willem was a photographic safari dedicated to rhinos. Both black and white rhino numbers are falling due to poaching and loss of habitat. We hope to raise awareness for their plight through our pictures. Sadly one can only be sure to get good photo opportunities in areas where security measures are very tight. Only here do the animals feel safe enough to display their natural behavior and even reproduce. Willem traveled to two private game reserves in Kenya, where rangers do a great job in protecting these critically endangered animals.

Rhino hot spot

Male rhinos are very territorial and mark the boundary of their territory every day, using a fixed route. Along such a route “rhino toilets” can be found where you can almost be certain for a rhino to appear to do its business. It proved to be an excellent spot to work with remote controlled cameras. Although the tricky part was that the camera could end up being sprayed with rhino dung.

Collateral damage

One of the aims of this trip was to get close up pictures of rhinos by using remotely controlled cameras. Playing around with equipment around rhinos can be tricky. Often they simply walk out of the frame. But as they have a great sense of smell, sometimes they walk straight up to the camera, give it a good sniff and then knock it over with their horn. So far so good except when they then step on the equipment. But the close up pictures and movies we got are great!

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