Lockdown garden birds

April 2020

Corona lockdown photography

Here in Holland we are in corona lockdown since early March. As a result we hardly see our family and friends, we work from home and our photography trips abroad have been postponed. Suddenly we have time to spend in our garden which is on the edge of a forest along the Dutch coast. It is spring time so our garden is a busy place full of birds and small mammals. Garden birds like robins and tits are claiming their territory and try to concur one of our many nest boxes.

Patience pays

It is cool that by simply spending more time in the garden you get to know the animals around. This offers photo opportunities, but it still takes a lot of patience to get nice pictures of them.

Daily bath

We are getting to know our garden birds and their daily routines of feeding, singing, nesting, fighting, socializing and even bathing.

Snowy juneberry

In our garden we have some juneberries. Their star-shaped white flowers offer a nice setting for bird pictures. In autumn they are full of dark red berries which the birds love to eat.

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