Holland spring photography

May 2018

Windmills, tulips and migrating birds

Since our return to Holland we started to picture wildlife and landscapes in our region. The north of Holland is famous for its beautiful scenic landscapes with tulips and windmills. The polders which were reclaimed from the sea are vast flat open landscapes rimmed by dikes. Every year thousands of birds migrate through and use these open areas to rest, feed and breed. We walk our dog along the windy shores of the North Sea and are amazed by the ever changing light, cloud formations and the coming and going of the tides. Have a look at some of our Holland pictures in the gallery below.

Our national bird

The black tailed godwit, a large long legged, long billed shorebird was elected national bird by the Dutch in 2016. We call it grutto.

Spring is in the air

Spring is the mating season for hares. The female fights of suitors until she is ready to mate. A lot of chasing around which is fun to photograph.

Migrating guests

One of the migrating guests in Holland is the “Stonewalker”, officially called the ruddy turnstone. They forages on seaweed, shells and even small stones.

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